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The Noel Felton Handicap Competition - 2014
Rob Dickenson
and winner
Paul Brain

Rob Dickenson
and runner up
Bill Britton
Bill Britton
Paul Brain
Plate winner
Matt Sheppard
and Paul Brain
Plate Runner Up
Giles Stagg
and Paul Brain
Annual Squash Section Dinner Friday 28th November at 7:30pm.
As dining space is limited, tickets will initially be for squash members before becoming available to the other sports sections.

Tickets will cost £25 for a 3 course dinner,
As in previous years the payment will be collected on the night by the table ‘Host’. The payment can be cash, cheque or debited from your squash account.
Club Awards will be presented during the evening and the musical entertainment will again be provided by the fantastic Johnny Zephyr Duo.

So come with your spouse or partner or come on your own!
Full Menu details will follow.....there are a few hiccups with the club's catering!!! 
BUT DO SIGN UP on the table lists in the Squash section NOW
The Club Championship Competitions - 2014

Finals Night - Friday 14 th November 2014







  Champs Plate


















Note: Court 3 available to warm up on

Open Championship
First Round - to be played by 5th Oct
Alex Byrd - bye
Rolf Wilson v Matt Green
Jon Juxon v Pat Dudman
Simon Johns v Chris Whelan
Maron Wyatt v Simon Gilson
SteveChilvers v Matt Sheppard
Jill Chilvers v Freddie Milles
Bye v Simon Kemp
Second Round - to be played by 26th Oct
Alex Byrd v Jon Juxon
Rolf Wilson v Simon Johns
Simon Gilson v Freddie Milles
 Steve Chilvers v Simon Kemp
Semi Finals - to be played by 9th November
Alex Byrd v Freddie Milles
Simon Johns v Simon Kemp
Final - to be played on 14th November
Alex Byrd v Simon Johns or Simon Kemp
Winner Alex Byrd
Open Plate Championship
Second Round - to be played by 26th Oct
Bye v Patrick Dudman
Matt Green v Chris Whelan
Maron Wyatt v Jill Chilvers
Matt Sheppard v Bye
Semi Finals - to be played by 9th November
Patrick Dudman v Jill Chilvers
Chris Whelan v Matt Sheppard
Final - to be played on 14th November
Patrick Dudman v Matt Sheppard
Winner Patrick Dudman
Over 45 Championship
First Round - to be played by 5th Oct
Rolf Wilson - bye
Maron Wyatt v Bye
Steve Blakemore v Mark Brayshay
Ross Baker v Simon Curran
Kevin Heggarty v Ian Shilstone
Paul Brain v Graeme Adams
Grant Nilsson v David Stephenson
Bye v Rob Dickenson
Second Round - to be played by 26th Oct
Rolf Wilson v Steve Blakemore
Maron Wyatt v Ross Baker
Ian Shilstone v David Stephenson
Paul Brain v Rob Dickenson
Semi Finals - to be played by 9th November
Rolf Wilson v Ian Shilstone
Maron Wyatt v Paul Brain
Final - to be played on 14th November
Rolf Wilson V Maron Wyatt
Winner Rolf Wilson
Over 55 Championship
First Round - to be played by 5th Oct
Giles Owen - Bye
Paul Massey v Bye
Stuart Leonard v Peter Stone
Bill Britton v Bye
Bye v Dave Parriss
Jim Noble v Bye
Bye v Glen Schofield
Rob Dickenson v Bye
Second Round - to be played by 26th Oct
Giles Owen v Peter Stone
Paul Massey v Bill Britton
Dave Parriss v Glen Schofield
Jim Noble v Rob Dickenson
Semi Finals - to be played by 9th November
 Peter Stone v Dave Parriss
Paul Massey v Rob Dickenson
Final - to be played on 14th November
Dave Parriss v Paul Massey
Winner Paul Massey
Ladies Championship
Final - to be played on 14th November
Jill Chilvers v Helen Mayers
Winner Jill Chilvers
Junior Championship
Final - to be played on 14th November
George Owen v Alex Kempton
Winner George Owen
RacketBall Championship
First Round - to be played by 5th Oct
Jon Braznell - bye
Paul Brain v Giles Stagg
Rolf Wilson v Brendan Sanders
Andy Davis v Ross Baker
Bill Britton v Dave Parriss
Mark Brayshay v Maron Wyatt
Graeme Adams v Rob Dickenson
Sue Short v Paul Massey
Second Round - to be played by 26th Oct
Jon Brazenell v Rolf Wilson
Paul Brain v Andy Davis
Dave Parriss v Rob Dickenson
Maron Wyatt v Paul Massey
Semi Finals - to be played by 9th November
Rolf Wilson v Rob Dickenson
Paul Brain v Maron Wyatt
Final - to be played on 14th November
Rolf Wilson v Paul Brain
Winner Rolf Wilson

Club News

National Schools Championship 2014/15
Click Here for the details of the Regulations
Click Here for an entry Form

Chairman's New Year Message
Paul's message covers

What has been achieved in 2013
Some exciting investigations in 2014, including the possibility of a 4th court and online leagues
Some changes to the court booking system and Thursday club nights
Social function and the forthcoming AGM

read on

Club Teams

Warwickshire Squash Leagues

Stratford Firsts - Mens 2nd Division
Team Captain - Simon Kemp
Fixtures/Results/Tables for 2014/15
Finished 4th in Division 2 of the Winter 2013/2014 leagues see the fixtures/results/tables

Stratford Seconds - Mens 5th Division
Team Captain - Rob Dickenson
Fixtures/Results/Tables for 2014/15
Finished 2th in Division 6 of the Winter 2013/2014 leagues see the fixtures/results/match reports/tables

Worcestershire Squash Leagues
Stratford - Mens 1st Division
Team Captain - Maron Wyatt
Fixtures/Results/Tables for 2014/15
Finished Division 2 Champions of the Winter 2013/2014 leagues see the fixtures/results/tables

Club Tournaments

Noel Felton Handicap

Played over the early summer months each year.
2014 Winner - Paul Brain
2014 Plate Winner - Matt Sheppard
Click Here for details of the road to the finals

Club Championship

Played over the autumn each year
Click Here for details of the 2013 finals

Squash Leagues

Current League Tables - 1st November to 30th November 2014 - see the leagues

League Composition - These are run on a monthly cycle, with 5/6 players per league, with new leagues being formed at the beginning of every month, with promotions and relegation's based on the previous month’s results - read more

Scoring - Points awarded for league games are as follows: - read more

Monthly Movement - If two or more members in a league have scored the same overall total
- read more

Racketball Leagues

Current League Tables -20th October to 21st December 2014 - see the leagues

Rules - Best of 5 games, American scoring up to 11 points and at 10 all you must win by 2 clear points
Click Here for a PDP of simplified Racketball Rules

Club Shop

New Club Kit - coming soon

Available behind the bar
            Squash Balls ...... £2.50
            Racket Grips........£2.50
            Wrist Bands..........£2.50

Club Coaching

Guy Pearson Club Coach - see credentials
Coaching Tuesdays and Thursdays early evening or to suit see charges/contact details

Members Information

Information for members - click here

Car Parking for members - click here

Dont get caught out by not having the new car parking sticker on your car displayed on the windscreen in a clearly visible place.

Online Court Booking

Book a Court - click here

Not sure how the court booking system works or you have a question. Checkout the FAQ page - click here

To view Computer Kiosk Users Guide - click here

Top up your Squash Account

By Paypal, Credit & Debit cards - click here

By online bank transfer - click here for details

By cash, £1 and £2 coins only, at the Kiosk

By cash or cheque to the Membership Secretary.

Club Membership

Categories and benefits - see the list

Subscription Calculator - click here

Playing Costs and Times - click here

Apply for membership - click here

Club Sessions

These are designed for members to meet and play - just turn up, whatever your standard and get a game, on a round robin basis, with anyone who is there.

Non Members are welcome to attend these sessions but would be expected to join the club where there is frequent use of the facility.

Every Wednesday morning (from 10am onwards) and every Saturday afternoon (from 12.30pm onwards),

The courts do not have to be booked by individuals for these sessions and the lights will be on automatically for the whole of the session. Just write your name on the attendance sheet -t here will be a £2 charge posted to each attendees squash account.

Club Nights first and third Thursday of the month

Court 1: from 6:45 to 9.00 and court 2: 6.15 to 8.30, fob required at normal member split charge - see more.


From Stratford Town Centre, head towards Clopton Bridge over the river Avon. At the first roundabout having crossed the river, take the very last exit which takes you back towards the bridge. Immediately before the bridge take a left into Swans Nest Lane. Follow this road into the Stratford Sports Club grounds, taking care NOT to turn into the public car park on the right. The clubhouse can be found at the far end of the car park. Access to the squash courts is via the club's reception area.

The Members Parking area is strictly reserved for members and guests. Guests should obtain a free parking ticket from a machine in the reception area.

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