The 55th Season presented by The
Stratford upon Avon Chamber Music Society

Registered Charity No. 508874

2019-2020 Season of Concerts in Stratford Upon Avon
Chairman's Message

In a recent article in the Radio Times , Melvyn Bragg cogently made the point about the contribution of what are loosely termed 'the arts' makes to the quality of our lives. He not only highlighted their ecomonic value, but also the intangible aspects added to our everyday existence, and he claimed that because the cost of their support is relatively small, a lot can be achieved with relatively modest amounts of help. This used to be the responsibility of the Arts Council and enlightened councils, but now, even despite lottery funding, what was never a flood but was arguably adequate is now barely a trickle, leaving many groups dependent on the generosity of sponsors, patrons and donors.

I fully agree with him, but equally barbarous is the impoverishment of our children's education via the reduction or removal of instrumental and group teaching of music in schools, thereby making it less likely that they will have powerful musical experiences, and more likely to miss out on the acknowledged benefits socially that come from working together with discipline to create something of value.

Enough gloom! A subscription to our series is still cheaper than four separate out of the six we offer, and I urge you to give us your support.

Stratford -upon-Avon Chamber Music Society Committee Members
Brian Midgley
Hon. Secretary:
James Hazel
Hon. Treasurer:
James Little
Membership Secretary:
Jean Holder
Committee Members:
Bob Bessell, Tim Raistrick

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